Ride with Team Rynkeby

You are about to give yourself an experience of a lifetime

Classic Cycling Team

The classic Team Rynkeby trip from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Germany, Switzerland to Paris.

Mountain Cycling Team

The mountain cycling team is for the rider with experience who wants to ride in the mountains. 

Why we do it

For children suffering from critical illnesses

We cycle to raise money for the Børnecancerfonden and Børnelungefonden. 

For a good health and to be more active

We have a strong community where exercise, fun and team spirit are the foundation.

For the nature experience

Spectacular climbs and magnificent nature experiences await you on your trip to Paris.

Participate as a rider or service crew


As a rider in Team Rynkeby you can start with or without experience. We adjust the training from the group and new riders will get thorough instructions and strong riders will get special tasks. We do not race or compete but celebrate that there is room for all. We have a great focus on safety.


Price to participate in season 2023/2024: 3,170 EUR


Every team needs a service crew. As a member of the service crew, you make an immense difference and are a catalyst that helps get 2,000 happy riders safely to Paris every year. There are many tasks, from driving in the pathfinder car, being in charge of the breaks and food, driving luggage or being in charge of the hotels, the tasks are many.


Price to participate in season 2023/2024: 559 EUR

Tour de Paris 2022

Watch the video of our amazing Paris trip in 2022

Everyone has a responsibility

Different roles on the team

On every team, there are a number of roles that need to be filled. Below you can see 6 examples.


Bike Mechanics

SoMe Manager

Financial Manager

Sponsor Manager

Event Coordinator

Frequently asked questions

The trip to Paris is 8 - 15 July 2023

The trip to Paris is from 29 June - 6 July 2024.

In 2023/2024, it costs 3,170 EUR to take part as a Team Rynkeby cyclist. The price includes bike, cycling wear, 7-day accommodation at a hotel with a shared double room and half board, excluding dinner in Paris. There will be extra costs (usually EUR 1,000 - 2,000) to cover winter sportswear, cycling shoes, cycling eyewear, training trips, ferry tickets, additional overnight accommodation and the trip home from Paris. Service crew pay 559 EUR to take part.

All Team Rynkeby participants are obliged to do what they can to raise funds to help critically ill children. Some participants have easy access to companies who wish to sponsor the project – others will find sponsors more difficult to find. We have no predetermined sum which the individual participant is expected to raise. We just say that everyone should do what they can.