Team Rynkeby is run by Team Rynkeby Fonden, which is organized in the following way.

Team Rynkeby Fonden consists of a board with seven members: Mark Hemmingsen (chairman of the board), CEO of Rynkeby Foods, Peter Frank Andersen (vice-chairman), Magnus Berndtsson, General Manager in Eckes-Granini Sweden, Torsten Fröhlich, Director Controlling in Eckes-Granini Group GmbH, Juha Helokoski, General Manager in Eckes-Granini in Finland, Katrine Bjerrum, Marketing Director in Rynkeby Foods and Heidi Frederikke Sigdal, Journalist.

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The management of Team Rynkeby is taken care of by the General Manager of Team Rynkeby Fonden along with a Country Manager in each of the countries, in which Team Rynkeby is represented. It is typically the Country Manager, whom the Steering Committees and the participants in the individual countries are in general contact with.

Each Team is led by a Team Manager as well as a Steering Committee consisting of a number of participants with various capacities. In each team, there is furthermore a number of key people responsible for, among other things, economy, sponsors, PR and service. These people can make up the Steering Committee (but do not have to do so).