Record number of sponsors on Team Rynkeby's clothes

A record number of companies have their logo on Team Rynkeby's yellow cycling clothes when the charity cycling team sets course for Paris this summer.

As many as 1,614 companies have entered into a clothes sponsorship with the charity cycling team Team Rynkeby this year.

That's two percent more than last year, and the highest number of sponsors Team Rynkeby has ever had on their clothes.

The companies that have their logo on the clothes are the so-called gold and platinum sponsors, who have donated with a minimum of 20,000 DKK to Team Rynkeby's collection for children with critical illnesses.

The progress testifies to an enormous commitment among the participants, but also to Team Rynkeby's continued European growth, says Jørgen H.K. Jepsen, General Manager of Team Rynkeby Fonden.

- We have created five new teams compared to last year, and that naturally explains part of the progress. What I am most pleased about, however, is that we succeed in keeping our sponsors in the old countries, and then we add a little in the new countries. This shows the incredible commitment among our participants, and that Team Rynkeby continues to have a high level of credibility and creates value for our sponsors, he says.

Returning to Paris
Despite the global corona pandemic and two canceled trips to Paris, Team Rynkeby has managed to increase the number of sponsors over the past three years.

- We have succeeded in making alternatives to the Paris trip, so the sponsors still have good opportunities to get value out of their sponsorship. But there is no doubt that the whole organization is eagerly waiting for the moment, when we can slide into the pedals this summer and once again set course for Paris. You can make many fine alternatives, but nothing in the whole world can level the experience of standing in the middle of a yellow ocean of ​​people in Paris with the experience that you have accomplished something out of the ordinary - and at the same time done it for a greater cause.

- you must have experienced it before you fully understand it. And we are all looking forward to that experience, says Jørgen H.K. Jepsen.

Last year, Team Rynkeby collected DKK 72.4 million DKK for children with critical illnesses in eight different countries. Whether that amount will be beaten in 2022 will only be announced this summer.

Team Rynkeby rides to Paris on 9-16. July 2022.